That is money which could have been pot to much better use. He died in March aged Einstein was by the same standards a man of tight, open to love and the spirit, a scientist a scholar, a man who lened peace. Churchgoers are now more likely to live in Bromley or Ching- ford. What is certain is that millions of British children who go abroad every year join their parents, whether they like it or not.

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Thatcherites in the Cabinet such as Michael Portillo, have been among the most cautious. On the face of it.

From be was a member of the Senate of the Inns of Court and Bar. But Sasha Kenna- way.

With the Roc groaning under its ever-increasing load, the extra and accelerating demand this would place on its resources could well be the last straw. Other matters are separate and to be negotiated. From Mr David Goodenday Sir.

Germany: Hamburg

Four men might be regarded as the outstanding world geniuses of our century. In Bosnia, that credible threat of force makes all the difference. The head took the simple fool — view that if homosexuality was for his a crime outside school which j have it was it had to be treated as a I up to crime within die school.


Fans denied sport on TV The jobless total was still on a downward trend.

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Successive reports over the past years have said much the same things: Henry Arthur lChips;, betovod husband of Panda formerly Hammer! Which is probably why the Royal National R;c Institution is such a well-loved charity. Jt is the twilight of the prophets.

It seems that the opposite line has been taken here. High Court of Justice— Poole Hft Pratt D: Chief Supt Stuart Giblin said: Mr Yeltsin has since apologised, and y7j he tried to make amends to the Romanov family by allowing the Grand Duke Vladimir, late head of the Romanov dynasty, to receive a full Orthodox funeral in St Isaac’s Cathedral in St Petersburg and to be buried alongside his ancestors.

The trial is expected to last a month. Because of the long gap since.

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KenL Dearest mother of Joan, grandmother and great- grandmotha. Flynn L E; Fort J: Marcos refused to reveal his identity but spoke of rebel strategy.

If counselling is difficult to define, it is even more difficult, as Ms Weldon has found out to her cost, to regulate. In his parish of Platt, he was churchwarden. Debate on the Royal Navy.

Yo Jones D R: J and charge the call to your home or office telephone bill.

New Drivers  AOC LM565 DRIVER

Full text of “Law of trademarks, tradenames & unfair competition ..”

Not only will the visit be laden with political symbolism; it will also present particular security, protocol and logistic problems.

Postcode- ATi Applln u Mxxton.

Back seat driving him to a safe spot by one of the Trafalgar Square lions is Angela Dudley of SPARKS Sports Aiding Medical Research for Childrenwhich national bike week will help with funds Pedalling to health on a bicycle built for a few STAFF at the Department of National Heritage are being offered interest- free loans to buy bicycles, talks on cycle maintenance and low cost insurance in a bid to improve health and fitness and cut pollution and congestion on roads Nick Nuttall writes.

Beds Flowers, or if pre fe rred donations to Asthma Research Council. Powered by a state-of-the-art Rover K-Series engine, die Tahiti Special also has a unique Hydragas suspension system as well as a refined 5 -speed transmission system. Where consultants work for the NHS, it is surely reasonable that their primary employer can restrict the amount of work they do for other employers.