Maybe the new ATA drives are better made. E-mail me, mckennma wideopenwest. Its not a question of IDE vs. The reason that many people here might advise you to hold off is not because it is expensive – it’s rather that the benefit gained is minimal at best. Software RAID is not available. Jul 19, Posts: The Super Digibin has a 30 GB hard drive.

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Z Sphinx, The way you have acted to some posters, I thought it was your site. Jan megaaraid, Posts: My drive speed will increase on RAID. I’v routed the SCSI cable and floppy cable behind the mobo, and up between the left case side and the frame of the case.

You could just have 3 cables, 1 for all the 50pin devices, and 2 to share between the two 68pin channels. Why not for example change to a dual Xeon system? Up to you, anyway. Maybe the new ATA drives are better made.


The Enlight SCA chassis will be available later this month. I have not seen that great of a loss in performance. I can use this method to replace older drives before they fail.

You pointed out why I should not proceed than gave me the reasons why. I just change components.

LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-2 PCI Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI RAID Controller

Maybe it was only related to software RAID. It should work just fine. However, the benefit will be better up time and expandable storage without much fuss. Wed Apr 02, 6: For storage issues I’d look at storagereview.

You could put all the HDDs on one channel of the firstyour new HDDs you’re wanting to get on the other, then use one of the onboard channels for your tape drives and the other for your opticals, and see NO performance meegaraid. I use the workstation day after day. I have GB of combined backup without compression. Maxtor thought they were overheating.

I still do manage to do 302 engineering instead of network engineering.


RAID Controller LSI Logic MegaRAID Ultra SCSI Cache 64mb PCI | eBay

I also want to expand beyond one chassis. I do not get memory errors are data corruption. I can add drives on the fly to the RAID 5 array. We have used it for a long time. I have to get proper data aquisition. I just need the more permanent storage space. I can add a third chassis exernally. Holy Crap, that system isn’t even on speaking terms with Airflow!!!

LSI Logic MegaRAID PCI Dual Channel Ultra SCSI RAID Controller | eBay

Performance is not an issue. Corsair was a lot more money.

It was a mistake, if I did any such thing. Tue Apr 01, 5: The added space will allow more simultaneous testing to go on from multiple programs.