The door at the front of the scanner can be pulled right down to allow the optional APS film adapter to be installed. The thing to keep in mind is that these colors are inverses of the ones you’re familiar with. Handy, speeds the workflow. Index Tab The Index tab lets you view thumbnail prescans of each individual image in the 35mm or optional APS film adapters. While it doesn’t show in this screen shot, mousing over each of the buttons tells you what the pixel dimensions of the resulting scan will be. Build quality is at a high standard and the scanner is reasonably quiet during scanning.

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It’s not fancy like new model but does very decent job. If you need to do production scanning in a professional environment, the labor saved by Digital ICE would make the Dimage Scan Elite well worth the incremental price difference. The DSD-III uses a “live feedback” system that I found to work quite well, at least when given a nice contrasty chunk of image to work with.

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Compared to my previous flatbed scans, the difference was obvious. Otherwise, scanning will fail. The Pixel-Polish feature handles color correction, sharpening and other image enhancements.


Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III AF-2840 Manuals

Sets the scanning to 8-bit, bit, or bit linear. Prescanning The Cropped Area When you insert a holder into the scanner, it slides easily until it reaches a click-detent.

Connecting The Ac Adapter Autoexposure Control – Dkal Prescan Functions A text box at the end of each slider bar reports the amount of change numerically, with a minus sign indicating a decrease. Locks the exposure for the preview image shown, allowing you to scan multiple images in the same film strip with the same exposure. Additional Product Features Focus Option. Here’s what the Easy Scan utility’s user interface looks like: The Threshold Level control affects dmiage large a contrast difference must be found between adjacent pixels before the sharpening operator will be applied.

That way you don’t have to exit out of the software if you plan on touching up each scan.

Here are a few of the key points: Using Tone Curves Look at my test scans for yourself when I post them in a few days, and compare them to the results I obtained from other scanners you might be considering buying. Job File Lists Click on the above image to load an animated version of the advanced driver screen shots.

I’ve found this quite beneficial in the past, as it provides a complete perspective on each change.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Scanner | eBay

You can then apply these setups arbitrarily to individual frames in the current film holder the interface allows for up to 36 frames, to accommodate the optional APS adapterand then batch-scan all the photos. Displays a split screen showing the current image correction and the previous image.


I am very impressed with the reproduction of color negatives, both the image clarity, color accuracy, and density range.

Build quality is at a high standard and the scanner is reasonably quiet af-284 scanning. All of the reviews aff-2840 glowing remarks on its ease of use, software, and picture quality. Sharpness was also very good in the corners: This is a somewhat subjective evaluation.

You’ll still need to switch channels for the Tone Curves. It’s truly an excellent scanner for anyone who wants quick, easy and high quality scanning on a tight budget.

Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. You adjust the focus until both lines are at their maximum length and are even with each other. An 8 X 10 printout of the scan on my HP was stunning.